"The best book I read in 2014 . . . Gorgeous and necessary." - Roxane Gay, Salon

Ugly Girls

Lindsay Hunter

BuzzFeed Books’ Best Book of 2014

Perry and Baby Girl and two teenage girls with very little to lose. They’re best friends with sharp edges, and they cut to bleed—no one’s off-limits, not even each other. To survive the loneliness and boredom of a world that pays them no mind, they spend their nights sneaking out and stealing cars and their days sleeping through class. But when a dangerous stranger from the Internet begins to give them all the attention they never knew they craved, Perry and Baby Girl have to decide what their friendship is truly worth in the face of desperation and violence.

Lindsay Hunter is a killer stylist, “the mistress of grit” (Jami Attenberg), and Ugly Girls is fast and dirty, grim yet gorgeous, dying to be devoured. Come and get it.

About Lindsay Hunter

Alyssa Rickey

Lindsay Hunter is the author of the story collections Don’t Kiss Me and Daddy’s, and the novel Ugly Girls. Originally from Florida, she now lives in Chicago with her husband, son, and two pit bulls.

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