People Who Eat Darkness: An Afterword
Posted 04/28/15 Posted April 28, 2015

A Double Shot of Love for Amelia Gray

In celebration of GUTSHOT’s first week on bookshelves everywhere here’s a glimpse of some of the passionate praise it’s already inspired.

Buzzfeed Books editor-at-large Isaac Fitzgerald managed to pack his love for GUTSHOT into six powerful seconds (which you’ve at least partially experienced by now—unmute at your own risk), while NPR Books wrote one beautiful literary love letter…

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Posted 04/21/15 Posted April 21, 2015
Amelia Gray: DATE NIGHT
Posted 04/09/15 Posted April 9, 2015
“Unprecedented and extremely evil…”
Posted 03/20/15 Posted March 20, 2015

Come Party with FSG Originals + Paper Darts at AWP

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Yes, I’d like to attend the FSG Originals and Paper Darts AWP party! And while you’re at it, sign me up for FSG Originals updates and information about FSG’s latest releases.


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Posted 03/06/15 Posted March 6, 2015
Laura van den Berg: A Writer’s Window
Posted 02/11/15 Posted February 11, 2015

Amelia Gray Leads Us Through Her Labyrinth

Amelia Gray combines fable and mythology in her beautifully woven “Labyrinth”—from her upcoming FSG Original collection GUTSHOT—out now in The New Yorker:

“Calm down,” [Dale] said. “Nobody has to go if they’d rather not. To be clear, the labyrinth is known to possess magic. Some say in the center you discover the one thing you most desire in the world. Others claim that God sits beyond the last bend. Individuals must find out for themselves. Go check out the jam contest if you’re not feeling up to it.”

Are you feeling up to it? Then start the story here and keep going.

Accompanying the piece is an interview with Gray by John McElwee, where the two cover everything from the “natural mix of horror and humor” to the power of brevity.

Posted 02/09/15 Posted February 9, 2015

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