Not About Cattle: A Conversation between Mike Roberts and Will Chancellor

Not About Cattle: A Conversation between Mike Roberts and Will Chancellor

Mike Roberts is the author of Cannibals in Love, a novel published by FSG Originals in September. Mike spoke with Will Chancellor, the author of A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall, at BookCourt in Brooklyn about the sense of paranoia and youth that drives the post-9/11 novel. Conversation then ranged from the import of physical movement in fiction to the underappreciated pitfalls of allegorical novels about cattle.

Posted 10/13/16 Posted October 13, 2016

Girls do like robots

In Spare Parts (soon to be a major motion picture!), Joshua Davis tells the story of an unlikely high school robotics team from Phoenix, Arizona: Four Mexican-American boys, undocumented and without a lot of obvious promise in the field of underwater robot building. We’ll try to not to ruin the climax here, but when Davis returned to Carl Hayden High School to check in on the team a decade after he had originally covered them, he found one more development: Girls!

Read about the new girls team at The Verge. And read about the original boys team—and how they’re doing now—at Wired.

Posted 12/17/14 Posted December 17, 2014

Welcome to Area X

This week, FSG Originals is proud to release its very first hardcover publication. Area X is a beefy (“I don’t think the brilliance of the Corral cover is as clear until you hold the hardcover in your hands,” Jeff says), three-in-one volume of Jeff VanderMeer’s beloved Southern Reach trilogy: Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance. It’s also an appropriate capstone to the adrenaline-fueled, “rapid fire” publication of the series: twelve months, three—well, four—books, and one very intrepid author.

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Posted 11/21/14 Posted November 21, 2014

The Lighthouse Keepers

Doomsday approacheth! Or, rather, has been on the horizon since 1993, when Lighthouse Digest Magazine created the Doomsday List of Endangered Lighthouses. These structures, once essential navigational aids—not to mention cultural landmarks, symbolic touchstones—are in danger of disappearing from coastlines around the world. In his wonderfully Sebaldian Op-Ed for the New York Times, Jeff VanderMeer writes about the mysterious and endangered “attracters of ghost stories, smugglers’ tales and shipwrecks,” and makes a somewhat qualified argument for their preservation and restoration, particularly as it applies to his own local lighthouse (doesn’t everyone have one?), The St. Marks Lighthouse in northern Florida.

There is also a selfish part of me, the part that likes to be off the edge of the map, that feels the damaged lighthouse is somehow more authentic than the one that will be created through restoration. This is a place that has survived hurricanes, Confederate bombings, the constant threat of erosion. It has always been on the edge of being snuffed out. That is its natural state—and the entropy against which each lighthouse keeper fought, night after night, before there were no more lighthouse keepers.

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Posted 09/17/14 Posted September 17, 2014

My Sister Lived in Silence

Today BuzzFeed Books published Matthew Derby’s incredibly moving piece about his sister, Margaret, who was born without the ability to speak, and how writing The Silent History helped him understand her—and his own relationship to language—decades after her death. Reader, we’re covered in shivers over here.

Matthew will be in Brooklyn tonight, along with fellow Silent History author Eli Horowitz, for a Q+A and readings from the book by Alex Wagner, Eszter Balint, and Sloane Crosley. The event’s at powerHouse at 7pm; we’ll be serving wine. RSVP!

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