Selena Gomez Escapes from Cracker Barrel

If you’ve read Amelia Gray’s amazing THREATS you know she’s got a flair for making the normal weird and the weird . . . well, weirder. So it should come as no surprise that when she tackles something as ostensibly normal as a celebrity profile, she’s going to throw in some patron saints, childhood encounters with ghosts, extracts from self-help books, and more than one mention of Cracker Barrel. Here’s Amelia’s profile of Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez in Flaunt magazine.

Here’s a delightfully creepy taste:

SELENA GOMEZ WANTS TO PLAY A NEW YORK GANGSTER MOLL FOR MARTIN SCORSESE AND SHE IS PREPARED TO TRANSFORM HERSELF TO DO THIS. She wants to do a dramedy with David Fincher, something dark with a lot of heart. She seems to observe darkness as an attitude rather than an action, a way of being rather than a way of speaking, an implication rather than a statement. “It’s fun to completely go to the dark side,” she says. Going by name affinity, her patron could very well be Saint Cecilia, who was suffocated for a while and eventually beheaded when she refused to sacrifice to false gods. Or Saint Lucy, patron of blindness and the darkest nights of the year, often portrayed with her plucked eyes on a silver plate.

Posted 12/19/13 Posted December 19, 2013