Global Annihilation


Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation has made its way across the Atlantic this week, and our friends at Fourth Estate—who are publishing the book in the UK—pointed us in the direction of this mysterious website for The Southern Reach, claiming to be able to deliver “the truth” about Area X. Start with the video above. From there, explore at your own risk. You could be gone for days…or longer…

In other British Annihilation news, The Guardian greeted the book with a rave review—

You enter Area X with them, thinking the uncanny must lurk in some particular spot. The lighthouse? The reed beds? The “tower”? Very quickly you spot your mistake, as a subtle, well-engineered wrongness turns up in every character, every deed, every observation until, at last, you find yourself afraid to turn the page.

—as has The Telegraph

The writing itself has a clarity that makes the abundancy of the setting more powerful. Little surprise, therefore, that Annihilation shows signs of being the novel that will allow VanderMeer to break through to a new and larger audience.

In the meantime, VanderMeer has taken to the website for Forbidden Planet International to present his “Director’s Commentary” for the Southern Reach Trilogy, sharing some of the real-life inspirations for Area X:

There’s something about getting lost in the modern age that is almost a kind of miracle and is compelling from the perspective of storytelling…so long as you eventually find your way back.

Read more here.

For visions of Annihilation beyond the UK, check out a few of the book’s covers from around the world at The Weird Fiction Review.

Posted 03/06/14 Posted March 6, 2014