A Double Shot of Love for Amelia Gray

In celebration of GUTSHOT’s first week on bookshelves everywhere here’s a glimpse of some of the passionate praise it’s already inspired.

Buzzfeed Books editor-at-large Isaac Fitzgerald managed to pack his love for GUTSHOT into six powerful seconds (which you’ve probably already experienced by now), while NPR Books wrote one beautiful literary love letter:

There’s a label that occasionally gets slapped on works like these. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “This book,” reads the label’s inevitably bold lettering, “is not for the faint of heart.” It’s put there sometimes by censors, more often by sensationalizing marketers, and it always aims to warn you about things like Amelia Gray’s Gutshot — a book brimming with blood, sexual deviance, mucus and madness. A book, in other words, that won’t fail to make you shudder once or twice. Allow me, then, to layer on a warning of my own: A label like that one won’t quite fit…AMELIA GRAY SOUNDS LIKE NO ONE ELSE. Her writing is by turns horrifying, funny, sexy and grotesque, but woe be to those who want to pin it down as horror, comedy, romance or fantasy…By baring a bit of blood to the world, she reminds readers we’re blood-bearing creatures after all, not just selves but bodies with beating hearts. And, yes, in this sense at least it’s true: Gutshot doesn’t tolerate faint hearts.

Emphasis ours, but hey, what’s wrong with a little emphasis? Especially when you’re trying to compete with six speedy seconds of enthusiasm. But there are lots of other good sentences, too, in that NPR review, that we didn’t have the stomach to steal. READ THEM ALL HERE!

Posted 04/21/15 Posted April 21, 2015