Going Deep with David Rees

Regular attendees of the FSG Originals Series know David Rees as our indefatigable host, as at ease refereeing Frank Bill and John Darnielle as he is re-enacting a Stevie Nicks video with Lindsay Hunter and Holly Miranda, provoking John Jeremiah Sullivan or sharing secrets with Amelia Gray. Regular attendees of the FSG Originals series also know that David has been absent from host seat recently—BECAUSE HE’S BEEN MAKING HIS VERY OWN TV SHOW. That’s right, Going Deep with David Rees premieres tonight at 10 PM on Nat Geo TV (AKA The National Geographic Channel), right after Brain Games.

Here’s how David precaps it:

It’s a how-to show that teaches you THE BEST WAY to do things you think you already know how to do: Open a door, climb a tree, dig a hole, etc… It’s an honest-to-goodness instructional TV show, with expert advice from scientists and obsessive tinkerers and even religious authorities… But it’s also a little bonkers. We shot it in my house and I made all the animations and a lot of the music—we’re talking about artisanal, locally sourced, grass-fed television. The big message of the show is: OUR WORLD IS A VERY INTERESTING PLACE AND WE ARE LUCKY TO BE HERE. I hope you will watch it and have fun doing so.

And be sure to tune in to David’s Twitter feed for live annotations during the broadcast.

In the meantime, here’s how they describe it on the NatGeo website, which also contains video excerpts (in case your internet video diet has a World-Cup–sized hole in it—we also recommend this for that problem), photos, pithy excerpts, and more (seriously, we recommend it):

This is a how-to show of epic proportions that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do. Each episode of this hilariously dry-witted how-to adventure series, David Rees, humorist and self-made aficionado of the everyday, tackles unassuming tasks such as tying your shoes or making the perfect ice cube for your delicious beverages. Get to know the science and the history behind the seemingly mundane and uncover an unexpected appreciation for even the simplest of tasks. Think you already know everything there is to know about swatting a fly? Think again.

David Rees

And tonight it’s not just one episode, it’s two! “How to Make an Ice Cube” and “How to Tie Your Shoes.” He may have outgrown us, but we are very excited for David…and for us! We’re going to learn so much!

Posted 07/14/14 Posted July 14, 2014