Map of Unease

Two down, one to go! Authority, the second installment in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach trilogy landed in book stores this week—which may explain the bleary eyes we’re seeing everywhere, the abnormally high consumption of caffeinated beverages, the telltale jitteriness that marks all who have stayed too long in Area X. Explore the map at your own risk!

The most recent converts to VanderMeer mania (we’ve been trying to tell you) are our friends at RapGenius, who invited Jeff to annotate the opening pages of Annihilation. We’re talking photos of the lighthouse, an original fifth character—“the linguist”—who disappeared from the final draft of Annihilation but might sneak back into the trilogy later on, and the crucial importance of not eating the wrong mushrooms. (In Area X as in life, we learn some lessons the hard way.)

Posted 05/09/14 Posted May 9, 2014