Steve Gunn “is quite simply the best”

Steve Gunn, who plays with Kurt Vile and has recently started releasing his own much-lauded solo, duo, and ensemble records, is joining us on Wednesday night for the next Originals Series event with Flavorpill, GQ, and The Isle of Youth author Laura van den Berg, hosted by Sloane Crosley.

As Fader says, “In the John Fahey-inspired, post-Jack Rose world of American-primitive-folk-meets-blues-meets-raga-meets-noise music, Gunn is quite simply the best, and he has a way of capping off an entire song’s worth of anecdotal finger-picking with the last-minute, bone-chilling, entry of his voice, hinting at a rare talent for songwriting without overstating it.”

He’s also seen praise from Pitchfork, The Village Voice, Yo La Tengo’s James McNew for The Talkhouse, and Spin magazine’s Chris Martins, who says, “Like his buddy and bandmate Kurt Vile, Brooklyn singer-guitarist Steve Gunn seems beamed from a different time. He plays a worldly form of ancient blues. He sings with a little bit of vintage Mick Jagger on his tongue. He unravels stories with a level of patience and detail often lacking in contemporary music.”

In this video, Steve plays “Lurker” live at Atlantic Studios, but we also recommend “Water Wheel” and “Street Keeper,” both off his new album, Time Off.

And Studio X offers skyline views to rival those in the beginning of this video, we promise. RSVP here.

Posted 11/11/13 Posted November 11, 2013