Here's the cover for Missouri Williams's THE DOLORIAD

Posted by MCD
September 27, 2021

Thedoloriad bookshot 1080x1080 Thomas Colligan

We’re thrilled to reveal the Thomas Colligan-designed cover for Missouri Williams’s startling debut novel, The Doloriad, coming March 1, 2022. Macabre, provocative, depraved, and entirely unforgettable, The Doloriad follows a family descended from incest as they cling to existence on the edges of a ruined city, in the aftermath of a mysterious environmental catacalysm. Our very own Jac Jemc says that “The Doloriad is—somehow—Old Testament origin story, Shakespearean family feud, Greek epic, philosophical parable, and absurdist sitcom, all in one. Horrible and riveting, I could not look away.” Sounds good, right?

We can’t wait to bring this singular novel into the world; it’ll be published by the wonderful folks at Dead Ink in the UK at the same time. Until then, follow Missouri on Twitter (a lot of good tweets about her rabbits), and pre-order a copy of the book here.