Check out the Cover for Elisa Gabbert's THE UNREALITY OF MEMORY!

Posted by FSGO
October 14, 2019

Unnamed Adalena Kavanagh

We’re thrilled to reveal the gorgeous, Thomas Colligan-designed cover for Elisa Gabbert’s forthcoming collection The Unreality of Memory and Other Essays, which FSG Originals will publish on August 11, 2020! A literary guide to digital anxiety, The Unreality of Memory collects thought-provoking and playful essays on the Internet age’s media-saturated disaster coverage and our addiction to viewing and discussing the world’s ills. You can pre-order the book HERE, and you can tell Elisa how much you love it on Twitter.

UnrealityofMemory insta (1)

A renowned poet and essayist, Elisa Gabbert is the author of the essay collection The Word Pretty, which was a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Pick, and three collections of acclaimed poetry: L’Heure Bleue, or the Judy Poems, The Self Unstable, which was chosen by the New Yorker as one of the best books of 2013, and The French Exit. Elisa’s work has appeared in the New Yorker, the New York Times Magazine, the New York Review of Books, the London Review of Books, and many, many other places. For more info on Elisa, check out her website here.