Sh*t We Like: March 16, 2018

Posted by Jackson Howard
March 16, 2018

Shit we like 2 Emily Bell

We here at FSG Originals want to try something new: every Friday, we’re throwing together a small list of our favorite stuff we’ve experienced, purchased, listened to, and consumed over the past week. Plus, we get to stop talking about books for a few minutes. So without further ado…

Week of March 16, 2018

Shamir – Resolution:
Shamir has been on an absolute tear over the last year, and Resolution is his best work since. Also, his single “Room” is a Rockabilly dream. (J)

Visiting the Aquatic House and Orchid Collection at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in winter:
We’ve reached that point at the end of winter where everything is hopeless and gray and dead. It’s time, then, to visit the Aquatic House at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. After only a few minutes you’ll be coaxed out of your coat, and summer will feel so close you won’t want to leave. (N)

I’ll watch anything starring Michael Shannon and Paul Sparks. Throw in Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins!) and I’m completely hooked. These dudes can ACT. The story is tragic and fucked up and complicated and fascinating. (E)

Chia-Chia Lin – “Practicing” (from The Paris Review):
This story creeped me out so much, but it was also incredibly tender, and spectacularly crafted. Her novel comes out in 2019 from FSG! (J)

Levi’s 501s!
I’ve been on the hunt for high-ish waisted jeans that don’t have any stretch and don’t cost a million bazillion. Found ‘em. You’re welcome. (E)