Sh*t We Like: May 25, 2018

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May 25, 2018

Shit we like 5.24.18 Emily Bell

We know all five of you Shit We Like readers (hey sis!) missed us last week. Naomi is galavanting around Mexico City so next week is sure to be a good one. Jackson and I tried to do some cool stuff but mostly just stalked Naomi’s mezcal on Instagram. Here are a couple shits we like.

Week of May 24, 2018

Last week I trekked to the new Landmark theatre on the Westside Highway (??) to catch a showing of Beast, a 2017 British thriller that totally rocked my world. Psychologically terrifying, morally ambiguous, sexy, and incredibly suspenseful, the movie charts the relationship between an outcast girl (Jessie Buckley, who is unreal) in a small British town and a mysterious stranger (the very good and very cute Johnny Flynn) who may or may not have killed a few other girls. Beautifully captured and anxiety-provoking in all the right ways, I can’t recommend this one more–its premise isn’t anything new, but director Michael Pearce executes the story with innovative, bone-chilling focus. Definitely worth the schlep to 11th ave. (JH)

Last night I reading this excellent piece on motherhood books and the writer, Sarah Blackwood, namechecks a former professor of mine, Lauren Berlant. Which got me searching through old (like, very old) email exchanges with a few of my professors. Mostly it was me begging for extensions (no surprise there), but there were a few notes from my thesis advisor/hero, Malynne Sternstein, that brought on the most intense flashbacks. I am neither a nostalgic nor regret-filled person, but reading through an old syllabus from one of her classes made me wish I had actually done all that reading. Since I’m (much) older and (a little) wiser now I feel like I might actually understand at least some of the theory from this class if I actually sit down to read it. I’m gonna try. And I’m including the syllabus below in case you five readers want to join me. (EB)